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Nellie is a native Floridian who grew up not far from the Spiritualist camp where she lives

Florida was very different then. Wild and beautiful---sweet clean lakes, many fish and
turtles, and wild creatures (few people).

Because her family's home was in a very rural area, she spent most of her time alone,
playing by herself with their dogs or cats, the horses or her pony, sometimes riding the milk
cow, or investigating the forest near their home. This is why she developed a special
connection to both the Earth Mother and to the Spirit Realm
Her parents were very psychic as well as her paternal grandmother. After her Great
Grandmother and her Grandmother made their transitions to the Spirit World ( first one then
the other) they came often to visit in the old, family home. Almost every member of the
family saw them at one time or another Both ladies still come to visit, just checking to see
that all is well. They turn on lights, or open doors and windows-stroll around downstairs and
go upstairs to do the same.
Nellie's father loved the wild Orchids of the Everglades and would make trips to the
Seminole reservation to photograph the Orchids in bloom. He had many lifelong friends
among the tribe who would phone him when the different species would be coming into
flower. It was always an exciting time because Nellie knew she would also be going. So,
now, she has wonderful memories of these trips: wading through the swamp, seeing the
rare, delicate flowers in their wild glory and all the beautiful birds and their Seminole friends,
kind and generous people

After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Florida but married and
left to raise a family before the Call from Spirit became so strong that she knew it was time
to come home and to Cassadaga where she came into the student program,- bought her
home on Seneca Street.  In 2017, she added another house, 6111 Stevens Street, where
she Reads.

Born with the Gifts of Spirit she uses them all in her work as a Medium.
Many people come with problems of this life and world. They need guidance from Beyond
to make their lives better, solve life problems or understand others.
Spirit is always near and ever ready to help. Also, they may need to touch in with loved
ones who have returned Home.

Nellie has studied with many teachers; Cassadaga and other metaphysical teachers
including Bryan Weiss who is known for his expertise in Past Lives and noted Psychic John
Holland as well as British teachers such as Emond Downy and Sue Wood. Nellie continues
to study and teaches so that others may learn from her knowledge and experiences.
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