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Crinum Lilies, were built
in 1905 but I do not know
exactly when these lilies
were plants. I have three
varieties  and have
researched them on line.
They are still sold and
you will find them listed
on my "Resources" list.
They are a joy to grow:
take little water and
fertilizer. They multiply
by growing new bulbs
every year. They seem to
have but one pest-those
pesky grasshoppers that
are tiny black in the
spring and grow to be the
giant, yellow and black
ones in the fall. Some
Severin dust gets rid of
these creatures with BIG
I also keep Sulphur Dust,
it works on anything and
is a natural bug repellant.
      Black Eagle.
These books have been around for
many years.


When you are in doubt,be still and

When doubt no longer exists for you,
then go forward with courage,
So long as mists envelop you, be still.

Be still until the sunlight pours through
and dispels the mists --as it surely will,
Then act with Courage.

(Like the hunter -waiting in the brush-
your moment will come. --Nellie)  

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1/2 hour-- 1 hour or as needed.

Life Coach-- Two hour sessions,
Weekly/monthly as needed.

Spiritual Advisor--when needed.

Medium: contact with loved ones.

Business Intuitive Advisor
Available  single session or on an
annual Retainer basis .

Lecture and Classes:
Your location or mine.

Group Readings
Spirit contact or as needed.
Intended for family/close friends.

Will travel to your location for
Business, Group Readings,   
Lectures or Classes

Private Classes or Personal, Mind
,Body and Spirit,Healing Sessions

Call /email for information.
8-10am EST time zone or 8-9pm
The House of Love and Peace
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Nellie is joining Michael Long in his Blog Talk online radio program Journey Into
The Light. Nellie's site,"", has her broadcast schedule etc.
Join Nellie, once a month for interesting and entertaining, half hour. She does
take questions. Complete information is on her Radio site