Scientifically Proven

ALBERT has lived
and worked in the
Cassadaga Camp,
longer than any other
person in the camp.
Double-blind study of Albert's gifts.

A double-blind study is  conducted by having one person
place an object on a box, seal it up and a second person
take the box to the person who is the subject of the test.
When delivered to Albert, he would than describe the
object, the use of it, the place and person  connected to
it, etc. Also, the culture of the peoples to which it
belonged.  It's age and the area of the earth where the
object originated.

On some occasions,  Albert made a  pencil drawing of
the object to help him explain how it was used or what it
was used for. This was a bit more than Dr. Jones had
hoped for. These drawings are in the book   

One day, Dr Jones decided to take Albert to a site where
an archeology dig was to start.  It was believed that the
site had been inhabited during a certain period of time.
They had also calculated the depth, in the ground, where
artifacts would be  found-at least, believed artifacts lay,

So,when Albert arrived, viewed the site, walked about a
short time, he directed them to a spot where he told them
they would find what they were looking for-- artifacts.

After much digging, they arrived at the level where the
culture should be, by their calculations, only there were
no artifacts.

Albert told them that the artifacts were deeper. Their
response was, if that was true, it l be from an earlier
culture which they did not believe existed.

Albert insisted; and, then told them they would find the
remains of a woman who seemed to have a small ball
inside of her.

With this statement, the digging continued with renewed
excitement. However that excitement waned as the
digging went deeper and deeper. As they found no
evidence of another culture, those  doing the digging
time. All this changed the moment a broken bit of pottery

After finding the bit of pottery, the removal of the dirt
slowed and became more careful. In just a few minutes ,
more and more pottery pieces were recovered.  Finally,
one of the men picked up what he thought to be a larger
piece of pottery, turned it over , and saw that in his hand
was a part of a scull.

For a moment or two, there was silence, then JOY. Now it
became searching , everyone looking bit by bit for more
bone. Minutes seemed longer, but only a few happened
before, there appeared the rest of the remains of the
woman.  Just as Albert had said, in a fetal position with
a ball inside of her.----------    A ball? ----------------------  
The "ball" was the scull of an unborn baby.

In this moment of thinking of this woman, every man there
felt pain for her in her time of dieing.
  DR. DAVID JONES  :This story is
dedicated to the memory of this amazing
man who never gave up his integrity,
honesty, or his love for life.
He will always be in our hearts..