Nellie. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the
time you spent with me last week.  Patti LaBelle was Kelly's
favorite singer and he was really surprised when we pulled
into the theater. It was the day after Valentine's Day and I
made an excuse that we were going to drive to Sarasota to eat
at a really nice restaurant, How seats in the fifth row were
available just 3 days before the concert is beyond me--it really
was just meant to be.

It's funny that this particular event came up in the Reading
Sunday because Sunday and Monday are the Mexican
celebration for departed loved ones--and I was wondering to
myself what was the greatest moment we had together, in our
short six years together and for some reason I didn't think of
this concert. This was definitely our best activity together and
it took me coming  to see you to remind me of that. You are a
dear, special person and you will always have a special place
in my heart. Thank you so much for the peace of mind you
have given me.      Chris
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The day that I met Klara  was one
your heart sing. I got up in the to
be a special day-sun was my
window as the sun rose. The air
was sweet with the fragrance
best. Then, the phone rang and it
was a young woman who said
she wanted to come for a would
take a few hours and would like
to make an appointment. So, we
When she arrived she was
charming, sweet and very pretty-
full of the joy of living. The
moment that I began to Read, I
could hear someone (from the
Spirit Side of Life) playing a
trumpet. I have been to Hungary
and knew that the music was
from that region. Klara does have
a slight accent but had not
mentioned that she was from
Hungary. I proceeded on with her
Reading -answering some of  her
questions, giving this Spirit a
chance to appear to me. He just
played louder and louder. So, I
told her what was happening and,
as I did so. the Spirit began to
speak to me. He told me that she
was very talented musically but
did not use her gift. She was
surprised and said that this was
true but she never had thought
her talent was important. He
responded by saying to me that
he wanted her to value this gift
because he had received it and
loved to play. He was well known
in his village and played in
church, at weddings and parties,
and many kinds of festivals and
special occasions. He was loved
by many people of his village and
he loved his life. Then he said
that he force to go away and had
never returned. His family
eventually learned that he had
died but never knew exactly how.  
She thought I was mistaken as
she had never heard of anyone
like this person. Immediately, he
said to me that he was her
grandmother's brother. She said
that she had never heard that her
mother had any uncle. At that
point, the Spirit said to me that
there was photo of himself with
his trumpet. Klara shook her
head and said she had never
seen such a photo. He
responded that her mother had
the photo.  Then he withdrew. I
went on with her Reading and
she left saying that she would
speak to her mother about this
photo.                                Klara
still comes to me for Readings
and has brought friends as well
as Hungarian visitors-I always am
so happy to see her-For me, this
Reading; and, it's proof of the
continuity of life, is what my Gifts
from Spirit are about--- Nellie

KLARA'S  EMAIL-The day I came for a Reading, you told me
about a man I never knew about. You mentioned that he was a
musician and that he was very well known. The next day I
called my Mom , she cried and said it was as you told me. I
never knew he existed up until you told me about him.
because she loved him so much that, even now, it saddens
her. At the time of the Reading, you told me that he was there
with me, it was a life turning experience for me. Thank you so
much. Klara
Note: The next time she came to see me, she told me that her
mother's uncle had died in World  War II and the family did
eventually learn of his death but never knew exactly how he
When one that we  love dearly leaves this
world, then gives a love sign that they still
exist and can touch in with us, until we join
them.,is a Blessing.
Love is like a golden thread that transcends
both time and space. May God bless you,
Chris, and keep you well and happy until
you meet with Kelly to travel on together.