I am Certified by the SCSCMA to teach. During each year, I present various
    classes and seminars in Cassadaga and other locations.  You may find those
    on my calendar. See my page "Testimonials" for student and client remarks.  
    I am available to groups for coming to your location by special arrangement.
    Phone 386-960-7434 EST ZONE --If you leave a message, I need your name,
    number, time zone, with best day and date to phone.

He who loves me,
loves my dog.

Dogs are not our whole Life
but they make our lives whole
Roger Caras                       
Arches National Park --a
special day
Until one has loved an
animal,one's soul remains
Anatole France,      Nobel
Prize 1921

Animals are reliable, many full
of love, true in their affections,
predictable in their actions,
grateful and loyal. Difficult
standards for people to live
up to.

Alfred A Montapeal

They are such agreeable
---they ask no questions,
they pass no criticisms

George Elliot

Love the animals, God has
given them the rudiments of
thought and joy untroubled.

Fyodor Dostoyeusky

One reason a dog can be
such comfort when you're
feeling blue is that he
doesn't try to find out why.

A dog is the only
thing on earth that
loves you more than
he loves himself.

Josh Billings

Man is the only animal for whom
his own existence is a problem
which he has to solve.

Erich Fromm

Readings, in my home or by phone, Monday thru Saturday from 11am thru 4pm.        .

    To make appointments, you phone(386-960-7434) or email (alwaysnellie@yahoo.com). When phoning  
    remember  Cassadaga is on EST time schedule and that you should phone between 9am and 5pm. Please leave
    phone message clearly and slowly.-- include your name and number with best day and time to reach you along
    with your time zone or state/city. ( I do not answer the phone when with a client.)  Appointments are made when I
    speak with you and explain the Reading process I do make appointments to Read  later in the day when
    necessary for work, time zone, or emergency reasons.

   Sundays I read from 2pm to 4pm. Additionally,  persons needing  interpretation services for Dreams or Visions
---        should email me for information, I will make arrangements with you for your needs.--earlier or later
  MY EMAIL alwaysnellie@yahoo.com  PHONE 386-960-7434,8AM-9PM EST READING  by appointment.      

    The Healing Certification program is taken very seriously in Cassadaga . Certification is given only after
    satisfactory studies and student practice is completed. Additionally, each student must have, from the client,
    recorded documented Healings on file with the SCSCMA.
    I work in Colby Temple at church services and in the Healing Gazebo or privately in my office...